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1.0.9 Changelog
07-21-2014, 03:49 PM
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1.0.9 Changelog
Fixed the game not loading music or sound from mod folders
Fixed magic weapons not being aoe
Fixed chest rooms being inaccessible AGAIN
Fixed scythe and axe attack range
Fixed bug with random item prefixes and suffixes
Fixed bug that made only weapons spawn in chests
Fixed bug with selecting zones
Fixed long-standing but with the minimap
Fixed illaria obelisk taking more gold than the player had

Added more levelup rewards
Added guard behavior
Added more enemies to the "dungeon" zone
Added sentry and summoner behaviors
Added + and - display on enemies to show the elemental effectiveness of your weapon
Added enemy defense display
Added ghost behavior (can only be killed by ghost-slayer weapons)
Added colour coded chests
Added the ability to attack and destroy locked doors
Added destructible walls
Added deltaCoin option for character unlockCondition
Added secondary preventative measure for negative gold
Added cooldown display for items
Added more weapon descriptions
Added jitter on low sanity
Added cooldown to armour and consumables
Added text display to level up rewards

Changed entity sprites so characters and enemies can now have animated sprites
Changed enemies so they move around after the player dies
Changed selected zone flash
Changed story text to fade out
Changed weapon exp so the player starts out with experience with whatever weapon they start out with
Changed godmode a bit
Changed minimap so it's bigger
Changed enemy display text from "type" to "element"
Changed dropping items so it costs stamina
Changed picking up items and gold (no longer recovers sanity)
Changed attacking with no weapon (costs sanity and has a 1 turn cooldown)
Changed picking up items so it doesn't increase score (only purchasing chests does)
Changed starting gold so it doesn't contribute to how many delta coins you gain at the end
Changed inactive weapons (they now lose cooldown too, though 3 times slower)
Changed switching weapons (leaves the now-active weapon with a 1-turn cooldown)

[Image: FS-Billboard.png]
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